HORSES & THEIR PEOPLE #horseselfies

July 29, 2015


What is a #HORSESELFIE ?

#horseselfie...  What you should know.

First, if your new to hashtags its pronounced 'Horse Selfie" 

Secondly, when you type  the pound sign in front of those words, you are then able to share your horse selfie picture with other horse lovers on the internet, look for yourself , click on  #horseselfies.

So What are they?  They are  those awkward, loveable photos you take of your horse on your cellphone. My understanding is Your horse, has no thumbs, so he cant take a picture of  himself,  and most horse love attention, so you do it for him, he has even learned to almost smile for the cell phone when you point it at him.


As a photographer. I thought I would be a natural at this.. wrong.


The reason I take pictures of other people, is because I can see my subject better then they can usually  see themselves.. my own self included ! Think of it this way,  a professional make-up artist will see your bone structure better than you can and professional riding coach will see you in a way you never can.  So when I took my horse selfie, let me tell you something, the first few #horseselfies I took I  couldnt even see myself in the picture, then it  was blurry and then  cut my head off!


Sooooo I learned a few things while taking a #horseselfie  and thought about the different types of photos I see in my instagram and facebook newsfeeds.  These are the different kinds  #horseselfies I saw when horses care givers (aka owners) take pictures ......


  1. The Workout Selfie: horse owners after you done riding , &  wear off a little of their energy

  2. Soul Mate Selfie: when the horses are laying down in a field, and you hug up to them for a selfie and feel that lifelong connection.

  3. The Homeless Horse Owner Selfie: you know the one..... you in your chore clothes and your toque and you take a selfie because your horse looks majestic in the morning light.

  4. The Trail Ride Selfie:  this is all about the horse, his long elegant neck and the trail below him

  5. My Cat/Dog Stole My Horse Selfie: self-explanatory.. really there is no selfie, but you consider your horse to be part of you .... so if he’s in the picture its almost the same thing especially when your adorable minature blue healer is sitting on him.

  6. My Son/Daughter Stole My Horse Selfie: see description  #5

  7. The Hoarder Selfie: a selfie with you and your herd of horses behind you. I know you love them all, and now, so does everyone on instagram. <3

  8. Vet for a week Selfie: your horse is injured and since he can’t be rode you actually remember to take a selfie with him to show how much you appreciate him.

  9. The Frugal Fred Selfie: DUCT TAPE AND BALER TWINE !!! you take a selfie to show how proud you are of your farmer fix on the  gate your horse chewed through  for the 3rd time this month.

  10. The Show Getter Selfie: this person does not take a lot of selfies, they worked their butt off  all year to get to the show!  They then  realize they need to cherish all their hard work with a Selfie with all their ribbons. 

  11. Equine Foodie Selfie: Horse owners who take pictures of their loved ones during feeding time. The  most adorable is them hanging their head over the gate

  12. I Clean Up Good Selfie: The horse owner and horse wash off their stink, puts on their best go to town clothes,  applys some clumsy mascara and lip gloss and heads to town after taking a selfie with their favorite horse.

  This week I have learned horse owners,

  • Take more pictures of their horses than their human family.

  • Horse owners love pictures of their horses.

  • They dont take a lot of time out of their day to treat them selves to a little nostalga and have a beautiful photo taken with them and their  horse,


This is why I would love to take more pictures of these amazing horses and their people!!


Submit a selfie/photo with  your horse and you for a chance to win a photo shoot!!! 

Remember this is HORSES & THEIR PEOPLE SELFIE CONTEST so I know there's a chance I'll see more horse then people in the photo. LOL





Enter The 'Horses & Their People Selfie Contest' 


. THE GRAND PRIZE value of $ 450 &  FIRST PRIZE value of  $199


1) Grand Prize to be won. The Grand Prize consists of the following:

  •    Gold Equine Portrait Session with Tara McKenzie Fotos:          2.5 hour shoot, (2) outfits, (1) horse, (1) person. 20 edited images. Medium jpegs 8-10mp. Shoot must be 3-4 hours before sunset.  Session to be located within 100km of the City of Red Deer Alberta.  Travel fees outside of  this area may be additional charged. To be booked and held by January 31, 2015

 (1) First Prize to be won. The First Prize consists of the following:

  • Equine Mini Portrait Session with Tara McKenzie Fotos: 45 min shoot, (1) outfit, (1) horse (1) person. 10 edited images Medium jpegs 8-10mp. Shoot must be 3-4 hours before sunset.  Session to be located with 100km of the City of Red Deer Alberta.  Travel fees outside of this area may be additional charged. To be booked and held by January 31, 2015


     Location for the photo shoot will be one of your choice. The Giveaway includes any location with 100km of the City of Red Deer. Travel outside of Red Deer area will be addtional.


   ****I have to tell you, Iam more then happy to travel to you  anywhere in the world!!!! As long as my basic travel fees are covered..........( hint : You and your horse on a beach in Australia.. buy my ticket and the shoot is all yours!!!)


Click Here Horses & Their People Selfie Contest     

Mobile devices click here Horse & Their People Selfie Contest. Use the link on the first post of the timeline



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